Healing Circle Workshop

Healing Circle Workshop In this workshop we will begin with some gentle yoga and centering then move into the healing circle which is a safe nurturing surround. Each participant will have a chance to share whatever they wish, past issues, current projects or problems or future considerations. The group listens and energetically supports the person by holding certain qualities within themselves. All shares are held in confidence and an agreement … [Read more...]

Slow Stretch Workshop

In this workshop there will be a brief overview of the mechanics and physiology of stretching in the safest and most productive way possible. We will explore the connection of using the breath to increase ease in stretching and spend plenty of time luxuriating in passive and dynamic stretches and assisted partner work. The workshop will include therapeutic ways of working including Gentle Somatic Yoga and all participants will receive a … [Read more...]

Monthly Mellow

Sound Meditation with Bronze & Branch Janice Motley & Barbara Seymour Listening to the harmonic voices of each instrument may lead you to abandoned bliss. Enter the world of deep healing and relaxation with the sound therapy of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs and the didgeridoo. The inner space, produced by the sacred tones, quickly moves you out of your mind into a meditative state. These ancient musical instruments easily transport … [Read more...]

September Monthly Mellow

Friday September 11th 6:30 to 8:0 We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to rest. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely. During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure, serum triglycerides and blood sugar levels in the blood, the increase of the "good … [Read more...]

Give Me 5 Minutes.

Sometimes there seems to be so much I want to do that I find myself not doing anything or doing things that in retrospect aren't the best use of time. I think I don't take on certain projects because they feel a bit overwhelming, so lately when I feel a little stuck I have been thinking about what I can do in five minutes.   It's pretty amazing how much can happen in five minutes. I can do five minutes of yoga, some stretching, Somatic … [Read more...]

Yoga Oasis

    Give yourself the ultimate yoga experience The Yoga Oasis is a seventy-five minute private yoga class, which includes a class of your choice: Choose from yoga therapy, restorative yoga or a class to gain new skills. All classes have hands-on adjustments. It also includes, Thai massage, aromatherapy, and ends with craniosacral therapy during savasana. Deeply relax into this unique experience and feel like a whole new … [Read more...]

Monthly Mellow-Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture

Friday March 13th 6:30 to 8:00PM   This class will begin with a gentle yoga practice and proceed to restorative yoga, guided meditation and breath work. This candlelit atmosphere is perfect for untying the knots in the body that may have been created during the work week, slowing the thoughts and generating a feeling of peaceful rest. Then you will have the option of receiving a relaxing 6 point needle technique from Korrianne … [Read more...]

Meditation Workshop

  Saturday March 21st 3 to 5PM In this workshop we will focus on several techniques including Chakra Meditation, Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation, and Moving Meditation. We will also discuss what seems to be working in the meditation practice and where the blocks are. We will perfect our sitting posture and chairs are available. We will also be having a live tamboura player to help us glide into meditation. Cost is $30 or … [Read more...]

Monthly Mellow

Friday February 13th 6:30 to 8:00PM MBS Precision Pilates & Wellness When life is busy and sometimes stressful what do you do to come back to your center, relax and maintain your health and boost your immune system? One of the most enjoyable practices of Hatha yoga is Restorative Yoga. This practice will begin with a Gentle Somatic Yoga Flow and continue with an extended period of restorative yoga supported by blankets, … [Read more...]

Meditation Workshop

Saturday January 24th 3PM to 5PM MBS Precision Pilates and Wellness Meditation can decrease stress and anxiety and foster a greater sense of well being. It can help with focus and mental clarity and is a mood elevator. On a physical level it can lower blood pressure and help improve sleep. In this workshop students will learn meditation techniques to establish a meditation practice or deepen and enhance an existing practice. The … [Read more...]