Give Me 5 Minutes.

Unknown-1Sometimes there seems to be so much I want to do that I find myself not doing anything or doing things that in retrospect aren’t the best use of time. I think I don’t take on certain projects because they feel a bit overwhelming, so lately when I feel a little stuck I have been thinking about what I can do in five minutes.


It’s pretty amazing how much can happen in five minutes. I can do five minutes of yoga, some stretching, Somatic yoga or a couple Sun Salutations. Today I took a scrubbing cloth and washed all the doors and light switches. It’s not an earth shattering event. But that five minutes of cleaning and doing a specific task was very rewarding. A five minute call to someone can make their day if it’s positive and uplifting. Five minutes of conscious breathing or meditation can make a dramatic change in my attitude.

Recently I was cleaning out the extra litter box that I have for my foster kittens. I had put the used cat litter in a bag to take to the trash and in the five minutes while I went to the garage to wash out the litter box, my older dog, a Shi Tzu named Oliver ripped open the bag and consumed some of the contents in the bag. A couple of days later it became evident that he was in pain and eventually stopped eating and drinking. We took him to the emergency veterinarian on Saturday night and three days later brought him home with an extensive bill. All that because of what happened in five minutes.

Five minutes of being absolutely present for a child and interested in what they are saying has a far greater impact than the same five minutes staring at a phone screen. Five minutes to encourage a loved one, thank someone for a kindness or let a stressed shopper go ahead in line.

and if you had five minutes to spend with a loved one that has departed, how would you spend it?

So, the next time you discover a  few extra minutes….pluck a few eyebrow hairs, pick up a some trash, or pause and tune into your heart, feeling gratitude for this incredible life.

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