Debra’s cranial sacral work is amazing.  She is a compassionate, caring and intuitive practitioner and has always been able to bring about a physical release within me during each session. Whether it’s an underlying sinus condition to anxiety and emotional issues from life’s experiences, something always shifts. It is a gentle and relaxing experience and I always leave feeling rested and restored.  I highly recommend her as a practitioner and as a teacher.
~Karen C.

Debra came into our lives exactly when we needed it. Our infant was suffering from the general term ‘colic’ after a c-section birth. All we wanted was to just a glimpse of some happiness in her, but she just seemed to be crying all the time, weeks after her birth. Debra met with us twice, working gently and intuitively with our baby. Our baby’s demeanor shifted almost overnight. We finally had ‘happy, fun’ awake time with her where she could be present and calm and not suffering! I felt like I could finally really get to my daughter, bringing all of us much relief. Debra is a gifted healer. I wholeheartedly recommend her craniosacral work. I am so thankful for Debra’s work to help our daughter and our family.
~Steph Z.


I am going through big transitions in my life this year and I do feel like I’m reaching new elevations in discovering who I am and what works for me. Yoga is part of that transformation for me in many ways. It calms me. It challenges me, mentally and physically. It makes me feel good about myself. I believe that my commitment to myself to practice regularly, coupled with Debra’s cranial sacral treatments have really helped me to release many of my fears and I’m doing things I never believed I could do before, both on and off the mat. Debra’s unique teaching style and the energy of the group that attend regularly are helping me tremendously.
~Robbin L.

It wasn’t until I met and started working with Debra that I was able to take my practice to a new level. Through her understanding of therapeutic alignments and her keen eye she helped me move past an old injury and into a much more advanced level of ability.
~Sharon S.