Meditation Workshop

Saturday January 24th
3PM to 5PM
MBS Precision Pilates and Wellness

Meditation can decrease stress and anxiety and foster a greater sense of well being. It can help with focus and mental clarity and is a mood elevator.
On a physical level it can lower blood pressure and help improve sleep.


In this workshop students will learn meditation techniques to establish a meditation practice or deepen and enhance an existing practice.
The workshop will include gentle yoga and breath work to prepare the body for a seated meditation practice.
There will be instruction on how to find the most comfort and effectiveness to create best meditation posture.
There will be guided meditation and tips for establishing a strong home practice.
Cost of workshop
Class size is limited. Pre-regisitration is recommended
A follow up Meditation workshop will be held in March. The March workshop is recommended but not required and can be taken separately.
Cost of two workshops

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