Reflection, Celebration, and Craniosacral Special

This month, July, I celebrate my fifth anniversary of graduating and becoming a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

The usual time for study is two, to two and a half years. But because I began the training and then moved to New York and back it was more like a six year process. It’s a very interesting therapy to learn because we learn a great deal of anatomy, physiology, and embryology and then learn to put that knowledge in the background and stay present to see what the systems of the body show us. It is challenging to be willing to “not know” in order to be shown.

There were times during that training where I truly didn’t feel like I had the intellect or ability to learn, understand, and practice all that was being presented. But I did make it through and since that time I continue to read and study and practice. I attended the biannual Breath of Life Conference in North Carolina in 2008, at Mount Madonna near San Jose in 2010 and am excited to heading to Maryland in September for this year’s conference. It is a great time to deepen into my skills and connect with other therapists.

I have also assisted my teacher at her last two-year training. It is a great experience to revisit the material after being a practitioner for a while and to help students to be able to feel something that is quite intangible.

I was the conference chair for the gathering at Mount Madonna and have been on the Board of directors for the Biodynamic Craniosacral Association since fall of 2010. I have recently become the Vice President for the board. We are a fairly young organization, formed in the late 80’s and it is exciting to see our expansion as therapists help with conditions such as PTSD in our returning veterans, with birth issues and substance recovery. Craniosacral therapy has been very successful in gently treating conditions that haven’t responded to conventional therapies.

It’s a very satisfying feeling to help clients move into a greater expression of health and wellness.

So, in honor of my fifth anniversary and my new position on the board I am offering a special price of $60 (normally $85) to try a one hour session and see for yourself. Contact me to book and receive a session during the month of July.

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