October Monthly Mellow


Taking this special time to gently, relax and open the body can have deep and long lasting positive effects. This once a month class begins with some gentle and somatic stretches and then moves into restorative poses held by props to open the body, relax the mind and settle the nervous system.
Restorative yoga can increase endorphins, aid in digestion and elimination, clear headaches, and allow the whole system to move away from a state of doing to a state of being.
This is also a good class to bring folks who are new to yoga, have been through tough time recently, or just could use a little R&R.

The next class is

Friday October 10th
6:30 to 8:00PM
Cost is $15
Students with a current class card may use one of their classes

Monthly Mellow will also be held November 14th and December 12
so put it on your calendars or in your phones now!

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