Newly Inspired

I recently returned from an inspiring week at the Breath of Life Biodynamic Craniosacral Conference at the Pearlstone Retreat Center in Reistertown, Maryland. I am Vice President and Membership Chair for our association so the week began with board meetings and some great brainstorming. At the same time the teachers met. It feels like we got a lot accomplished.

As we moved into the conference and the varied presentations I was reminded of something one of my meditation teachers said. “When you are looking for water it is much better to dig one deep hole rather than a lot of shallow ones.” I have friends that study all kinds of different modalities and partake in dozens of trainings and they are able to incorporate it all into offering great healing sessions. I know for me that focusing primarily on one therapy and constantly deepening into it is what works for me. I will spend the rest of my life studying, practicing and receiving craniosacral therapy and never reach the depths of the knowledge that is available. Of course we bring all of our knowledge and life experience to whatever we do and it definitely feels that I have arrived at the perfect place to offer this work.

This was my third conference since I became a practitioner. We meet every other year. At this conference I saw once again that even though we are all Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists the approaches to the work are varied and the knowledge in the group is rich.

Franklyn Sills, the originator of the style of therapy I practice joined us via Skype from England. In his talk he said, ” In the same way the universe is organized…the stars…the moon, we are organized” As a practitioner it is my job to help the client’s system to organize around it’s health, what we call the Breath of Life. This begins at our conception and continues throughout our lives. “Settling, softening, deepening widening, receiving”

I am very excited to offer this work and would love for you to experience it. It often feels like magic. The more I can get out of the way and open to the limitless healing energy of the universe the more beautiful and productive the session is.

My rates are listed on the website, with discounts for packages. Also, if you know someone who is in need, such as returning military suffering from PTSD, babies with birth trauma, or troubled teens, and are financially unable to pay the standard fees, please let me know because I can offer sessions on a sliding scale and can also gift a few sessions a month. And I have gift certificates available, wonderful for pre and post surgery, baby showers, and as a thank you. You can contact me via this website. I would like to be in partnership with you to live the most incredible life possible.



  1. It is hard to believe that at one time, Debra was a stranger to me. She has grown to be such a Healer in my life – that when I suffered a knee injury 3,000 miles away, I instinctively reached out to her regardless of the physical distance. That’s because Deb knows what she is doing. And as a friend who knows of her intense studies and listens to her nerd out on Craniosacral Therapy, I can tell you she is dedicated and passionate. I warmly recommend her.

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