Craniosacral…… When you already Feel Good.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Most people come for Craniosacral Therapy when they have been in pain for a while or have an injury or trauma. This is important to do, but the very best time to experience BCST is when you are feeling pretty good, no major issues. This is a wonderful time to try this special healing modality. When the system is traumatized or struggling in some way it takes a while to bring it to a level of viability for healing.
If a client can begin at a pretty good starting point then the work can unfold with ease and the process is very pleasant and there is a deep relaxation and a profound healing that can occur. I call this cranial magic.
Please consider this amazing way to slow down and be present with exactly what is,
and to feel amazing in your own skin.
The cost for Craniosacral Therapy is:
$85 for a single one hour session
$225 for a series of three

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