Benefits of a Consistent Yoga Practice


The more frequently and consistently you can practice yoga, the more health benefits you gain. Yoga increases flexibility most efficiently when there is three days or less between the times you stretch. So in between classes, even a 5 to 10 minute session can be very helpful to prevent the muscles from returning to a tighter state.
Strength is achieved in the same way. We are using the body weight as resistance and the more often we can “fire the muscles” the more they remember what is asked of them.
Many other products of doing yoga regularly are improved posture, spine health, bone density health, especially in standing and jumping poses, increased blood flow, and stimulation of the lymph glands which aids in a stronger immune system. Twisting poses have a positive effect on the digestion and elimination.
One of the best ways to have a consistent yoga practice is to go through the calendar each month and put in yoga first. Then the dentist appointments, carpet cleaners, meetings, etc get scheduled around this most beneficial time you give yourself to be at your optimum health.
Also, notice what activities in your life make you feel the best. Do you feel better when you leave your yoga class than when you arrived? Also, frequent, scheduled classes help you connect to the community with whom you practice. On days you don’t feel like practicing, the community can support you and the days you feel enthusiastic, you can offer your support.
See you on the mat!!

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